Within the wider orbit of  the internationally emergent new field of the ‘environmental humanities’, human relationships and convergences with non-human animals have recently become the subject of increasing interest to Arts and Humanities researchers. The University of Bristol, for example, houses researchers across the Faculty of Arts. The Geographical and Life Sciences buildings are also home to a number of scholars who share an interest in researching and writing ‘more-than-human’ histories and who work at and on the boundaries of the arts and sciences.

However despite the roots of the so-called ‘animal turn’ in interdisciplinarity and the synthesis of arts and sciences, these scholars, currently, are mostly working in isolation. This blog is run by Dr Merle Patchett (Geographical Sciences) and Dr Andy Flack (Historical Studies), both currently of the University of Bristol. They want to use this space as  through which to bring together and nurture emerging talent in the sphere of more-than-human histories.

As well as featuring contributions from scholars throughout the world, also features profiles of those who wish to be identified as working in the field. If you would like to be featured, please contact Dr Andy Flack (af3199@my.bristol.ac.uk).

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